Are You Going To Heaven Or Hell??

1: Do You Have A Bible? My Friend! (Thanks For Taking My Personality Quiz)

2: Now That Your Awake What Time Is It?

3: Based On 2nd Question What Time Do You Usually Wake Up?

4: Are You Early To Go To Mass On Time???

5: You Entered The Gates Of Heaven! You Did Good Things And Never Do The Evil Things! What Will You Do When Your In Heaven?=) (PS: please be respectful!)

6: In Heaven God Tells You Something And Said "I Will Always Be In Your Side Everyday" What Will You Do?

7: You Wake Up In A Room With No Doors And Windows! Whats Your Feeling?

8: When You Answered "Me Getting Rich" Or "Building My House" You Have Probability Of 2% Chance Of Going To Hell Based On Question 8 How Would You Get Out?

9: After You Got Out Of The Room You Hear A Deep Unknown Voice Telling You To Keep Walking! What Would You Do?

10: If You Answered "Stay In Your Place Or Dont Follow Him" You Will Be Given A Chance Waiting For 3 Hours! Are You Enjoying My Personality Quiz???

11: After A Long Walk You Get To A Room Of 6 Doors! It Says The Name Of The Doors Above! Which One Would You Pick? Choose An Answer!

12: You Entered The Door You Picked! It Gets All Blurry Then You Fell To The Ground! What Was Your Feeling?

13: You Waked Up In A Room It Was A Dream! Where Would You Wake Up? Pick Your Choice!

14: Thanks For Taking My Quiz! Took Me About 40 Minutes To Make! Hope You Enjoyed Friend!