Are you depressed?

1: Whenever you feel happy, do you believed you’re worth happiness?

2: Do you feel worthy of love?

3: Does it feel like your life doesn’t really matter?

4: Have you ever intentionally hurt yourself in any way?

5: Have you ever let someone use ur body?

6: Do you walk around wondering what would happen if you just disappeared?

7: Are you on antidepressants or anxiety medication?

8: Have you ever had no energy to get out of bed?

9: Have you ever had your whole entire room filled with trash and clothes?

10: Have you ever obsessively cleaned to distract your mind

11: Have you ever stayed up for 24 hours of more because of dark thoughts?

12: Have you ever felt too tired to take care of yourself (ex. Shower, brush your teeth, drink water)

13: Have you ever had a problematic relationship with food?

14: Have you ever had on the same clothes for at least 6 days in a row?

15: Have you ever wanted to become as ill as possible?

16: Have you ever had a thought of suicide?

17: Lastly, do you think you’re depressed?