Aphmau Quiz

1: Who is the main character in My Street?

2: Who is Aphmau's boyfriend?

3: Who is the most KAWAII gir in My Street?

4: Who talks about butts in My Street?

5: Who has a bad temper?

6: Who is the Witch?

7: Who is the main Male Mifwa?

8: Who is evil?

9: Who is Aphmau's bestfirend?

10: Who breaks doors?

11: Who's the quite girl?

12: Who is Sul Vanna?

13: Who is gets together on Love~Love Paredice?

14: Who was Katelyn's first Boyfriend?

15: What are Aaron's family's names?

16: Who had a crush on Aphmau in High School?

17: What is Aaron and Aphmau's ship name?