Aphmau Quiz!

1: What's Aphmau's real name!

2: Who is Aphmau?

3: Where did Aphmau And Aaron get married?

4: Who is Aaron

5: What is Aaron's parents called? HMMMM

6: Who has the squeakiest voice

7: Who is the main bad guy in Seasons 6,4 and PDH

8: Guess who my favourite character is :p (This doesn't affect your score)

9: Who was Aphmau's first kiss?

10: Did Aphmau have a sibling

11: What is Aphmau (In Roleplay)

12: Which most featured

13: Who is amaaazzziiinnng (Doesn't affect score)

14: WHAT IS THIS QUIZ ABOUT (I'm really concerned if you get this wrong)

15: 2+2

16: What do you say now?