Aphmau: Minecraft Diaries

Aphmau: Minecraft Diaries
Aphmau: Minecraft Diaries
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1: How many dogs does Aphmau have? What is the name of her first dog?

2: How many kids do Donna and Logan have?

3: How many kids does Dante have?

4: How many guards does Aphmau have?

5: How many episodes of minecraft diaries in total are there?

6: Who is Aphmau's boyfriend?

7: How many sons does Aphmau have?

8: Did Brendan ever find love?

9: How many girls did Brendan have a crush on?

10: How many brothers does Garroth have?

11: What dimesion did Garroth and Zane get trapped in?

12: How long were Aphmau, Laurence, Katelyn, Emmalyn, Kenmur, and Aeron stuck in the Irene Demension?

13: How many villages were in the old Phoenix Alliance?

14: How many villages are in the new Phoenix Alliance?

15: What is Jeffory the Golden Hearts's daughter's name?