Annie Leblanc

Annie Leblanc
Annie Leblanc
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1: What is Annie Leblanc's Middle name

2: What is Annie Leblanc's Favorite Color

3: What level is Annie Leblanc in Gymnastics

4: When is Her Birthday

5: What year did her brother Caleb pass away

6: What was the name of her gymnastics group

7: Where did Annie take gymnastics classes at

8: What is Annie Leblanc's BFF'S name on you-tube

9: What is Annie's favorite event to do in gymnastics

10: What is her favorite skill in gymnastics

11: When did Annie get her first pair of Grips for Gymnastics

12: Would Annie say yes or say no to going to the Olympics

13: When did Annie first get her snapchat

14: What does Annie struggle with most

15: How many leotards does she have

16: What Movie or show does she like most

17: What is Annie scared of most

18: What Name was Annie going to used instead of Annie

19: How many Instagram followers does she have

20: How many hours a week did she have to train