Am I an introvert or an extrovert with social anxiety?

1: The lower points you get, the more introverted you are and the higher points you get, the more extroverted you are. Now, what do you think?

2: Do you feel like you would gain more energy from socializing if the fear of social situations wasn’t there to make you more tired?

3: Do you usually avoid social situations out of fear but you also wish you could socialize more?

4: Do you worry much that you’ll embarrass or humiliate yourself in social situations?

5: Do you have an intense fear of interacting with strangers even though you want to?

6: Do you fear physical symptoms that might cause you embarrassment such as blushing, sweating, trembling, having a shaky voice etc?

7: Do people sometimes tell you that you talk too quietly when you thought you were talking at a normal volume?

8: If the fear of social interaction went away, do you think you would be outgoing or really enjoy socializing a lot?

9: Do you feel pressure to constantly entertain other people at social events? (Especially if you were the one to arrange the event)

10: Are you really focused on other people’s needs?

11: Do you feel like you have a lot of things to say but the fear of saying something wrong or just the genuine fear of speaking to people holds you back?

12: Do you feel like you have to match the energy when arriving at a social event such as a party but you fail?

13: Do you love going to social events but you want to leave early because it becomes tiring?

14: Are you really self conscious and feel like it really hinders you from doing and saying the things you want?

15: Do you not like people or talking to people but feel like you have to leave the house and go out and do something?

16: Do you want to talk to people but just can’t?

17: Do you want to talk but regret or think a lot about the things you said after?

18: Are you really social with the people you know well but very quiet around other people?

19: Do you have the urge to be around people and socialize but are also afraid of being around people and socialize?

20: Do you talk too much or overshare and then afterwards you feel bad/dumb?

21: Do you like to do new things but are scared to do new things?

22: Do you get almost 100% ready for something and then get anxious because people will be there and much is going on and then decides that you don’t want to go anymore?

23: Do you often want to socialize but worry too much about what you say and how it comes across?

24: Do you want to go to social gatherings but are terrified at the same time but once you’re around people you know well almost everything is okay?

25: Are you really anxious about how people view you and/or tend to be a people pleaser?

26: Does being away from other people feel good, or does it just make you feel less anxious?

27: Do you feel a sense of relief when you’re alone or does it actually recharge your social battery?

28: Do you tell yourself that you don’t care if you miss that one event etc but avoiding people deep down is making you feel lonely or filled with regret?

29: Do you feel like anxiety is preventing you from doing what you want or are you in control of your choices?

30: Do you want to meet others but fear or avoid doing so?