Am I a Starseed?

1: Have you ever had a deep feeling that you don’t belong on earth?

2: Do you have a hard time relating to people your age?

3: Do you feel an inexplicable longing for home?

4: Do you look up at the night sky with a strange sort of nostalgia?

5: Do you have a quiet wish that you could visit other planets and galaxies?

6: Is there a star or planet that you thought of as your favorite as a child?

7: As a kid, did you have an imaginary friend?

8: Are you highly sensitive?

9: Do you consider yourself an empath?

10: Do you have strong intuition and can read between the lines?

11: Do you have a tendency to daydream?

12: Do you have an insatiable thirst for knowledge?

13: Are you protective of your freedom?

14: Do you tend to attract babies and animals?

15: Do you feel like you always need to be doing something and that time is running out?

16: Do you have very little similarities to your parents?

17: Do you have a strong interest in the metaphysical (i.e. astrology, crystals, tarot, etc)?

18: Do you have a strong interest in holistic medicine/natural remedies?

19: Do you have a strong aversion to violence?

20: Have you always been interested and curious about extraterrestrial beings or life on other planets?

21: Do you feel like you've been here before but have no recollection of this?

22: Have you had a traumatic or difficult childhood that ultimately led to a spiritual awakening?

23: Are you deeply spiritual? (Note: this is not necessarily synonymous with being religious in any way)

24: Have you experienced the paranormal or have supernatural abilities?