Abby’s Life

1: What was my favorite animal when I was a kid

2: What is my middle name

3: What’s my shoe size

4: What was my first word as a baby

5: My alcohol of choice

6: Who was the first person I saw when u woke up from anesthesia

7: Bug/animal I would rather die then be in the same room as

8: What’s my favorite animal today

9: Do I believe in Hellen Keller

10: Why was I suspended in HS

11: My worst habit

12: What’s my squat max

13: Which nipple did I pierce myself

14: Is an ex boyfriend gay

15: If I could fight any famous person who would it be

16: Favorite form of potatoes

17: My favorite Christmas gift to this day

18: What is Abby allergic too

19: Abby’s biggest pet peeve

20: How many push-ups did I get on my test in 4th grade gym class