Megs 18th Quiz

Megs 18th Quiz
Megs 18th Quiz
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1: What is Meg's favourite type of chocolate?

2: Hello! I am

3: What did Meg think was in the pyramid on the roundabout near the Mall?

4: In Disneyland Paris what facepaint picture did Meg have?

5: On what day of the week was Meg born?

6: What did Meg used to call her uncle Jeremy?

7: Why should you never play crazy golf with Megan?

8: What was the name of Meg's imaginary friend (up till last year)

9: Which of these distinguishing features does Megs have?

10: What is Meg's revolting super power?

11: Why was Lili not allowed to sit in Megan's little armchair?

12: What is Meg's favourite colour?

13: Why did Meg once have to leave a shopping centre with no clothes?

14: What is Megs favourite baby animal?

15: What was Megs favourite pastime in the villa in Spain?

16: Meg has a coat similar to a famous movie star. Which one?

17: What did Meg think was the origin of her name?

18: How did Meg once injury her Auntie Mandy?

19: Why did Meg refuse to eat pork for a while?