Just random ship questions

1: Which ship is this?

2: Which ships operate Turku-Stockholm for Silja Line?

3: Which ship is the biggest of Viking Line and Tallinksilja? (Lenght)

4: Which year did Galaxy start operate for Tallink?

5: Which route was Mariella on before Stockholm-Helsinki?

6: Which ship is this?

7: Which was the first Silja Line ship?

8: Which route has Baltic Queen not operated on?

9: How long is Viking Grace?

10: Where has Princess Anastasia as a ship not been in?

11: Which year did Birka Princess sank?

12: Who is Romantikas sister?

13: Which year did Baltic Princess start operate Stockholm-Mariehamn-Turku?

14: Which is Wellamos sister?

15: Which ship is this photo taken from?

16: Which cimney is this?

17: Which name had Sailor before Sailor?

18: Whos chimney is this?

19: Whos sundeck is this?

20: Which ex-viking line is this?