chapter 21 (version 1)

chapter 21 (version 1)
chapter 21 (version 1)
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1: Intense and of short duration, usually lasting less than 6 months

2: Generally characterized as pain lasting longer than 6 months

3: This a warning of potential or actual tissue damage.

4: It does not serve as a warning of tissue damage;rather it signals that damage has occurred

5: Fatigue, sleep disturbance, and depression may act in a type of ___ in which the actions of two or more substances to achieve an effect that cannot be achieved by an individual substance or organ___

6: It is felt at a site other than the injured or diseased organ or part of the body.

7: Pain of the coronary artery insufficiency that sometimes is felt in the left shoulder, the left arm, or the jaw. It is an example of _______ pain

8: This theory suggest that pain impulses are regulated and even block by gating mechanisms located along the central nervous system.

9: Bombardment of sensory impulses, such as, the pressure of a back rub, heat of a warm compress, or ice applications, causes the gates to close to painful stimuli. This is an example of ________

10: The body produces morphine-like substances that is composed of amino acids found in Pituitary gland)