Create a quiz in minutes!

It take only a few minutes to create a quiz in our easy-to-use quiz-maker. You can add as many questions and options as you like, even use images.

Full insight

Realtime generated statistics shows you which question is the hardest, which option is the most popular, how many quiz users you have and much more.

Dig into users answers

Look up what users are answering to your questions.

Multiple sharing alternatives

Embed the quiz into your landing page or use a hosted link.

Customize the look

Select color and upload images to make the quiz fit your company.

Make beautiful quizzes

Choose between multiple layouts and use images or your company's logotype to make the quiz look just right.

Collect emails from users

Generate leads by asking for e-mail address after the user have finnished taking the quiz. You then have the option to see which user completed the quiz fastest or with most correct answers.